Life before me unfurls,
in different hues and colours,
As I search for lost moments.

Moments lost in regrets,
Moments burnt in denial,
Moments sped away in urgency,
Moments killed in confusion,
Moments wasted in despair.
Moments faded in disappointment,
Moments buried in past,
Moments groping in darkness.

Amidst these I try to search,
For moments of clarity,
For moments of peace,
For moments that felt alive.
Engrossed in this futile search,
I lose another present moment.

-Copyright © Tasneem 2015



Unknown place, unknown future.
Unknown town.
Life is like a raging river,
Dragging along,
Dreams drift along,
Where do I belong?

Full of questions,
Searching for answers.
My faith glows,
Like a shimmering light,
Across the horizon.
I see hope,
The stars shine.
Faith guides me
Bringing me to my goal.
– Copyright © Tasneem

Will you? (RIP Braveheart (in memory of Nirbhaya))

Dec 16th 2012 was just any other day.
I was healthy and fit just like you.
Unaware of the horror waiting to unfold.
As I boarded the bus,
I never knew the brutal beasts,
lay in wait to pounce on me.
As they tortured and battered me,
I put up a brave fight.

I lay on the road helpless,
clinging on to life as I bled to death.
And from the so-called society,
none came to help.
I wasn’t their daughter, you see!
No, I wasn’t even their sister!!
People moved on.
For society life goes on.

And on the hospital bed,
I fought every moment with grit.
Shed tears of blood wanting to live.
Saw a future in my dreams.
But the excruciating pain was too much to bear.
Finally, my body gave away.
But my spirit hasn’t.
I can see the barbaric monsters
safe behind the bars.

Will hearings and proceedings never end?
Will judges take a long time?
Will laws ever amend?
They don’t know the value of time like I do.
Just like my body, will they let my spirit die too?
Help me get justice, will you?
-Copyright © Tasneem

The Crisis Within

It was a crisis,

which went on deep inside.

Didn’t know the path,

Didn’t know my mind yet.


You know I am not that type of girl,

I knew right from the wrong.

Wonder why then I went on falling?

Confused ?About Life? And itsStrife?

Contemplating its meaning?

Not yet sure about my goal.

Didn’t know what I wanted,

Didn’t know what I was after,

I was Crestfallen,Broken.


Didn’t know what I was thinking,

As I was falling,

Hitting the ground,

As my life flashed before me in seconds,

Thought of Mom,Dad and Sis too,

But then it was too late.

I knew it was all a Mistake,

Got my life Wasted.


Now I am watching my family and friends,

From up in the sky,

The pain I have given them.

Wish I had opened up my heart,

And shared what’s deep inside.

But now it’s too late,

Wish somebody had stopped me,

Right there;

Pulled me back in.

Then today I would be Alive!Breathing!

– Copyright © Tasneem 2015

I was wondering…..

I was wondering “Is this you?”

I was thinking “Was that you?”

Such a difference!!

Friendly from the outside!

Frozen from the inside!


You climbed the cliff

and pushed me into darkness.

Then as I am falling,breaking into pieces,

Watching me from the outside,

You turn over and say “I am sorry”!


I could never make it out of the tunnel.

But you were out and closed the way.

Watching me bleeding , crumbling

being sucked from the inside!

You turn over and say “I am sorry”!


Pushing me to the middle of the sea,

You swam around to the other side,

Struggling to catch my breath

Watching me drowning,

You stand on the shore and say “I am sorry”!


So now,“How are you?”

Happy that the things turned this way?

Did you ever know how it hurt?

Are you really sorry?

You didn’t hear me.

Did you ever know how it felt?

Are you really sorry?


C’mon and let it show if you’re really sorry.

Would you stand up for what is right?

Would you own up for what you said?

Well only then I know you are REALLY sorry.

– Copyright © Tasneem 2015


Surging the way ahead

Life is a big journey,

which has no attorney.

Awaiting you are laughter,

and tear;But never fear.


On the way you may encounter,

people who sneer and jeer,

but never lend them an ear.

For if your ears you render,

they’ll set your heart asunder.

Like a child you will wander,

after committing the blunder,

In the world of darkness,

repenting at your foolishness.


Hence, never heed to their comments.

They’ll only result in belated laments.


So march your way through,

setting your eyes only on the goal ahead.

And in the end when you achieve it,

sailing in the ship of happiness,

You can cry out aloud to the world and say,

“I am a winner all the way!”


Create a world

create a world,
from all hatred.

will prevail.
all the tears.

Now new world is born
Free from fear and doubt
Broken hearts will mend
Spread smiles everywhere
No more killings now
No more fights for caste
Love and peace to stay
Healing all the pain

every situation.

God’s only one,
Many religions.

Why then people fight?
Lets be humane now.
Come lets show them now
How to love and care
Every moment now
There’s nothing to fear
No more worries now
Spread love everywhere!

-Copyright ©Tasneem 2015